Wednesday, 3 January 2018

These Content Types can Significantly Improve Your Traffic

Bringing more audience to your content on your website as well as social media can be achieved by following some specific content types. See the below list that can be of your needs:

While a majority of the marketers think that roundups are not a good strategy, researches have proved otherwise. To deliver a good roundup, you can reach the respective experts and make a small survey to get the answers from them. However, it has a number of issues including bouncing users may hurt the SEO performance of the site due to content may not be very entertaining, time-consuming for getting the answers, and substantial time to make it promoted across various social media channels.

It produces traffic as well as leads. Well executed webinars generate conversations that discuss real life issues and how your service or product solves it along with helping businesses to create a good rapport with influencers. Software tools like GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect, and WebinarJam are some good choices and before going live, check with your co-workers to make sure that it is working perfectly. You can also bring an expert to the session to help him to deliver a better presentation along with writing blogs on it.

It is not easy to get an ideal product or service that is innovative to make the webinar awe-inspiring. Also, conversion of leads through the mode is counted at low-rate and a slow process.

Podcast listeners are termed as “super listeners,” and smart businesses are thinking it as one of the best options. Every business should choose topics related to their business for the podcast and do some research on the internet about the same topic. Make questions in advance and send it to the experts to make them convenient and prepared for it. Write a few tips or advises in blogs and social media to bring more listeners.

However, without additional contents podcast pages cannot add traffic per Google algorithm. Preparing podcast is a time consuming and highly skilled job and needs additional research including promotion to make the podcast feature in Google Play or iTunes.

Chain of Emails with Experts
It is yet to be tapped area by the industry to make email series with experts. It works in the line of a roundup, and you should discuss something interesting about your product to make the audience engaging. People can also mention about other companies as well as create different templates for delivering contents through email. However, it does not improve the SEO traffic and needs continues updating.

When there is series of emails, you can look for delivering an ebook that comprises the discussion as a whole. You should define chapters, content per pages, planned copywriting, and smart designing to fit into the PDF. However, it needs promotion to get it noticed, and you should be prepared and write it more realistically.

Interviews are an excellent choice to create great quality, creative, and affordable content that can also improve the relationship with the influencers. Choosing LinkedIn to reach out the influencers is the right strategy to win here. Using Google Document is an ideal choice to get the answers from interviewee at their own pace. However, the interviews are a one-time workable option, and many people may find disinterested with this types of contents.

Reviews Based on Opinion from the Experts
Experts' opinions about your products and discussions based on that are found to produce greater popularity. You should connect with the experts of specific niche and understand their tools and choices for daily works. Businesses who have funds can spend on social media ads that are prompting experts to help with short surveys. However, the content is only useful and relevant until a new tool or update is released. Also, it is a time-consuming process.

Influencer marketing and building great relationships are the actual key to gain the online traffic. People can choose any or some of the above strategies and get desired results.

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